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Email is still the #1 app on the internet.

I list below free and open source solutions to email. You need not consider the closed source alternatives. They are dramatically inferior in a number of ways.


Other hosting providers will provide one or more of the free options I list below.

Email Servers

  • Sendmail: Sendmail is the 500lb gorilla in email. There are other systems, but sendmail remains the most relied on tool to send email.
  • postfix
  • qmail
  • sSMTP

Email Access Protocols


Email Apps

Helper Programs

  • fetchmail: Fetches email and delivers it for you.
  • UP IMAP Proxy: Allows non-stateful protocols (like HTTP, which web-based email programs use) to maintain stateful connections to an IMAP host.
  • mailman: Manage mailing lists locally.