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Welcome to my technical wiki. My name is Jonathan Gardner, and I'll be your host.

This wiki is really designed for myself. Think of it as an open notebook.

I try to organize things by concepts. For instance, regex covers regexes in all the languages I know (Python, perl...), as well as the regexes used by Unix command-line utilities like grep.

This wiki isn't intended for users to contribute to. However, I greatly appreciate questions, comments, suggestions and corrections sent to my email at Don't be shy.


  • Python: Currently my #1 language.
  • Perl: Expert at, but I don't like it.
  • Javascript: Necessary knowledge. Expert.


Practical Technology

Software Development Methods and Best Practices






Linux as a Desktop



I'm going to rant on a variety of topics.

Abandoned stuff


  • Common Lisp Open Library -- A set of useful packages to complement your Common Lisp programming. (Mostly abandoned now.)
  • Infiniweb -- A website you build organically.
  • Pyli: An experimental Pythonic Lisp written in Python.
  • MUD: How to write a MUD in Python
  • Id: A universal id server idea
  • Facts: A facts database
  • Memory: A tool to help memorize facts
  • Knowledge Vault: A tool to increase your intelligence with computer assistance
  • Universal Dictionary - A dictionary and word map for all languages.
  • HyperCard Clone: I've never used Hypercard, but I think I get the idea. I want to build a clone that is not web-based.
  • Community: Software to build communities, respecting privacy and ownership.
  • YouBank: Everyone can issue credit. Who you trust is up to you.

Game Notes